The history of our estate goes back to the reign of Louis XIV, where we find traces of the first exploitation of land in the XVII th century.
(Archives of the Drôme, 1665).

Annika et Serge REMUSAN
Owners - Winemakers

Passionate of the vine and wine, we took over the family farm in 1981. 
Chapoton was the grandmother’s surname, and since there were only girls in her generation, the surname had been lost. When we took over the estate we gave it back its original name.

During the initial period, we selected and regrouped the best terroirs of the property. In 1989, an exceptional terroir at the summit of the Massif d’Uchaux and Rochegude, on the geodesic point, swept by the wind in an untamed nature, was developed. It was necessary to "tame" the rebel terroir, and its development entailed years of tenacity and labor in order to obtain a wine with an exceptional quality.

"It takes courage (sometimes even rage) to squeeze, out of the flint stones, the rare juices with their bouquets of quince, garrigue, raspberry and orange... At Domaine Chapoton we squeeze the flint, we take out the rare extract"

Doctor Michael Moisseeff, Aroma sculptor,
Contributor at the wine university in Suze la Rousse, 1996



Fifteen hectares of Syrah, Viognier, Roussanne and Marsanne are planted