The current vineyards are spread over 60 hectares and four villages.
The beautiful country house of Chapoton, of which the origins go back to the 18th century, is situated at the foot of the picturesque village of Rochegude. The vinification cellar has been installed, partly within the ancient building, but a new section is in the process of being constructed.


The vineyards continue to produce wines of renown

The wines of Rochegude had already been appreciated during the roman era ( a decree by Emperor Domitien alludes to this ). A bust of an antique statue, probably Bacchus, has been discovered buried in a vineyard. The vineyards continue to produce wines of renown; during the 17th century, the wine was know in the United States thanks to the Marquis of Arquéria, the lord of Rochegude who supplied President Jefferson.
In the classification of A. Julien in 1832 (updated in 1857) in his work "Topography of all the known vineyards" Rochegude appears classified in red wines, third growth. This work appeared just before the totality of vineyards were destroyed by phylloxera and contains precious comments on the existence of the erstwhile well-known vineyards.


Massif d'Uchaux

Le Château de Rochegude